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Vessel,Aventura,FRP Vessel AVENTURA


Description The premium quality Composite Pressure Vessels are applicable for practically any water treatment application. The FRP windings provide strength to withstand pressures as high as 10 kg/cm2 without any structural damage. The vessels are immune to most chemicals ensuring corrosion free and cost-effi cient solutions for water treatment. Threaded inlet closures & reducers available Flange adapters & reducers available 14”-63” vessels available with top & bottom open
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Vessel,Pentair,13*54 Pentair Vessel

13*54 Pentair Vessel

Structural FRP Vessels The ideal choice for residential and light commercial water treatment applications that require flexibility. Improve your water treatment system with Structural FRP Vessels. Easy to handle and install, our FRP tanks are available in standard polyester or chemical-resistant vinylester construction depending on your needs. Features Standard polyester or chemical-resistant vinylester construction Easy to handle and install 10-year warranty for 6" to 13" vessels (softener
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