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Prefilter housing set,Aquagrand Plus,20

20 " Housing Used in 50 LPH

20"Pre-Filter Housing for Water Purifiers (RO/UV/UF/Commercial RO) No. of Items to be sent 1.20" Filter Housing -1 No. (Imported) Benefits of Installing Pre-Filter 1. It stop mud, rust, silt and all physical impurities from raw water 2. It enhances life of your water purifier RO Membrane 3. Reduces RO Membrane damage and save money..
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Prefilter housing set,Leaupure RO,Pre Filter set heavy

Pre Filter set heavy

Pre Filter set used for all kinds of Water purifier for better life.
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Prefilter housing set,Leaupure RO,Transparent Filter

Transparent Filter

Prefilter housing used for all water purifiers to protect the product from mud and dust up to 5 micron. 10 " Filter comes with transparent housing helps customer to understand the life of the supn filter. Pre filter set consists of 10" Spun and 2 Elbow
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Membrane Housing,Leaupure RO,Membrane Housing 8

Membrane Housing 8"

Membrane housing can be used in any RO water purifier, 10 LPH to 100 LPH RO Plant.
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Prefilter housing set,Kempflow,Pre filter Housing

Pre filter Housing

Pre Filter set for any RO water purifier. Spun Kemp flow Anti scalant 2 Elbow Pipe will be the part of Kit. Cleans up to 5 micron mud
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