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Alkaline for RO,Leaupure Ro,Leaupure alkaline filter AAA

Leaupure alkaline filter AAA

Adds minerals Enhances PH Reduce ORP Removes free radicals 100% Original
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Alkaline for RO,Leaupure RO,leaupure small alkaline filter

leaupure small alkaline filter

L'eaupure alkaline water purifier alkaline filer can be used or any ro water purifier for up to 8.5 ph value, Antioxident alkaline filter will give 2000 to 3000 alkaline water
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ORG BIO+ Alkaline Filter

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Alkaline for RO,Min Q,ORG Filter

ORG Filter

ORG alkaline Filter can be used in any RO water purifeir. Size is 5 Inch PH level 8.5 to 9.5 ORP level will be -0
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Alkaline for RO,BioCare,Biocera alkaline Filter 5

Biocera alkaline Filter 5"

Product name Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Filter pH 8.0 ~ 9.5 ORP -50 ~ -400 mV NMR (micro / structured cluster) Mineral Ca, K, Mg, Na Hydrogen Over 100ppb~
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Alkaline for RO,Biocera,Biocera AA Alkaline Filter

Biocera AA Alkaline Filter

Biocera AA Alkaline filter. Features of Antioxidant Alkaline Filter - Flushes acidic metabolites and toxins from the cellular level - Supplies health sustaining minerals such as Ca, K, Na, Mg to help metabolism - Contains smaller water clusters (51.497 Hz) that hydrates the body up to 3 times more effectively than normal water. - Facilitates nutrients and mineral absorptions efficiently - Promotes general well-being by restoring And balancing the body - Improves the reducing power of w
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