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30 LPH

30 LPH,bluemount,Blue Mount Cool 40

Blue Mount Cool 40

Designed For Large Scale Usage We have designed a technology which supports purification for more than 2,000 liters of water consumption every day without compromising on quality of water, no wastage and is low of running cost. Latest And Highly Advanced Alkaline RO purification technology provides purification in a multi-stage process by alkaline RO combined with pH + Carbon + Sediments filter equipped with LED Display. Super Filters The double filtration provided by combination of car
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30 LPH,KELBY,KELBY 25 LPH cooler

KELBY 25 LPH cooler

RO Water purifier with Dispenser Cold water storage tank 20 Normal water 20 Total storage tank 40 50 LPH water 304 SS Tank
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30 LPH,Watech,Jaquarao ro water purifier with cooler and Alkaline

Jaquarao ro water purifier with cooler and Alkaline

Ro water purifier with Alklaine 10 Ltr sotrage tank Cold water ,Fully automatic, 304 SS grade body.Power saving faster cooling 15 LPH RO plant
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30 LPH,Usha,Usha Cooler with 30 LPH RO

Usha Cooler with 30 LPH RO

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30 LPH,Kent,Kent Elite+

Kent Elite+

KENT Elite - Mineral RO Technology Purifiers Preferred Installation - Online purification for water coolers   Double Purification by RO & UF with TDS controller
  • Secondary purification by UF after RO ensures enhanced water quality throughout service cycles
  • Patented TDS Control System retains essential
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    30 LPH,Watech,Watech 5 stage RO 30 LPH

    Watech 5 stage RO 30 LPH

      Special Features
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