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50 LPH,L'eaupure,50 LPH RO water purifier L'eaupure

50 LPH RO water purifier L'eaupure

L'eaupure RO water purifier with 6 stage purification 1) Stage 1 Purification: Pre filter with 5 Micron Spun-Cleans Physical impurities 2) Stage 2 Purification: Antiscalant-Removes Scaling formation on the membrane 3) Stage 3 Purification: Sediment Filter Removes up to 5 micron 4) Stage 4 Purification: Pre Carbon Filter Removes bad smell and bad odour and color 5) Stage 5 Purification: UF Membrane Removes Virus and Bacteria up to0.01 Micron 6) Stage 6 Purification: RO Membrane Removes up
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50 LPH,Zero B,60  LPH Zero B Ro water purifier

60 LPH Zero B Ro water purifier

Compact unit with robust mild steel powder coated frame. Effectively removes upto 90 to 95 % of total dissolved solids (TDS) or salinity to produce water that is clear and pleasant to taste. The product has an inbuilt 500 Liters Softener which enhances the membrane life by preventing scale formation. Low pressure, low fouling ESPA membranes Built in safety features to protect high pressure pump & membrane. Capable of handling water with TDS levels upto 1500 ppm. Water quality monitor: Show
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50 LPH,Kent,50 LPH RO water purifier Kent Elite2

50 LPH RO water purifier Kent Elite2

Technical Specification Product Kent Elite-II Purification Capacity 50**litres/hour Max. Duty Cycle 250 Liters/Day Storage Tank Capacity Optional Filter Cartridges Sediment Activated Carbon Carbon Block UF Post Carbon Auto-Flushing No Ro Membrane Filmtec 1812-75 GPD (4 Nos) UF Membrane 0.01 Micron Min. Inlet Water Pressure 0.3 kg/cm2 Max. Inlet Water Pressure 3 kg/cm2 Input Voltage 100-300V AC (50Hz) Operating Voltage 24V DC Dimensions L450 W260 H870 (mm) Net Wei
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50 LPH,JAQUARO,50 LPH Digital RO  water purifier

50 LPH Digital RO water purifier

JOY-50 Fully Automatic Digital RO with Online TDS Meter Our new designed commercial RO is fully Digitisation RO machine with advanced facility of Online TDS Meter. Specification : 1. 5 Stage of Filtration. 2. High Quality 300 GPD 24V Pump. 3. Power Supply : 24V 2.5Amp SMPS 4. 300 GPD Membrane with best Quality. 5. Flow Meter for pure water. 6. Pressure Guage for monitoring the pressure of entire system. 7. Fully automatic Front Panel with LED indicator for Power on/o
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