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L'eaupure,Leaupure RO,16 Stage UnderSsink RO

16 Stage UnderSsink RO

16 stage Undersink RO with SS UV chamber PH Adjsuter TDS adjsuter Hardness Remover Chlorine remover Antioxident Negative ORP Added Minerals
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L'eaupure,L'eaupure,14 Stage Purifier

14 Stage Purifier

L'eaupure Under the Sink Water purifier with 14 stage purification. RO+UV+UF+TDS+Alkaline+Minerals+Antioxidant+PH Modulator First time in India 13 Ltr Storage Tank Make KEMPFLOW Works up to 4000 TDS level Antiscalant, Magnetic softener in built.
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