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Ioniser,IONIKA,Ionika Alkaline water purifier

Ionika Alkaline water purifier

View Price Features: Separate outlets for collection of Alkaline & Acidic water Soft touch control Panel with digital timer Safety systems embedded to avoid shock before/during/after working. Two 2 litres bottles for collection of alkaline and acidic water respectively. Provision for adding salt to make superoxide & reduced water Technical Specification: Electrical Ratings : Rated Voltage AC 120V~240 / 50~80Hz (voltage changeable) Rated Input voltage: 0.5A Rate
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Ioniser,IONIKA,Ionika alkaline water

Ionika alkaline water

View Price Features: Instant flow of Alkaline & Acidic water Soft touch control Panel Filter with advanced Tourmaline Ceramics Arrangement of purified water besides alkaline and acidic water Alarm mesage for low flow volume and hot water flow in Early washing function Technical Specification: Electrical Ratings : 220 V AC/ 50 Hz Mounting : Wall Mount Dimensions: 9.5" x 5" x 14" (l x w x h) Water Pressure - 0.5 - 5 kgf/cm2 Process: Automatic, Continuous type Disp
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