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Alkaline Jug,Leaupure RO,Leaupure Alkaline Jug

Leaupure Alkaline Jug

In present era, there has been a drastic change in eating habits and life styles of people. Now days, the consumption of acidic foods such as cold drinks, fast food, tea and coffee has increased to a great extent. People are exposed to large amount of acidic waste due to environment pollution, present life style and also lack of physical exercise which ultimately leads to chronic diseases and various complications. LEAUPURE JUG AA gives antioxidant alkaline water which helps to neutralise such a
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Alkaline Jug,ORG BIOTECH,ORG Alkaline Jug 3.5 Ltr

ORG Alkaline Jug 3.5 Ltr

3.5 Ltr Storage Jug Good Packing Export Quality
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8 stage purifier,L'eaupure,L'eaupure  alkaline Water purifier

L'eaupure alkaline Water purifier

L'eaupure Super RO UV Alkaline Water purifier 8 Stage Filter. 1) Pre Filter-Removes Mud and Turbidity from water. 2) Antiscalant-Increases the life of the Membrane 3) Sediment Filter- Cleans impurities up to 5 Micron 4) Pre Carbon Filter-Clean s bad smell and Odour 5) RO Membrane: Removes Virus,Bacteria,Hardness and 99.9% all minerals from the water. 6) Alkaline,Antioxident,Minerals chamber: Adds Ca,Na,Mg and K to the water also removes acidic waste from our body. 7) UV Filter:UV Eye
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Alkaline Chamber 8

Alkaline Chamber 5 Inch

It will improve the taste of RO water raising pH inline filter can be added to any undersink water filter alkalizer/ionizer/mineralizer/oxidizer! alkaline-mineral media used up to 6000 ltr water
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Alkaline chamber 11

BIOCERA Alkaline filter 11 inch

Biocera 11 inch Filter. Can be used for any RO water purifier after RO treatement, Can be installed at post carbon place. Use full for all RO water purifier which shows less than 7 PH value. Can be used PH level adjuster. It will improve the taste of RO water raising pH inline filter can be added to any RO water filter 12000 Ltr capacity alkalizer/ionizer/mineralizer/oxidizer! alkaline-mineral media
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Mine Q Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Jug Filter

Helps neutralise excess tissue acidity Increased energy of the body at cellular level Helps metabolise fat while aiding digestion Great-tasting hot & cold beverages Turns tap water into healthy drinking water
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Alkaline RO  Water purifier,Watech,Wadrop K  RO +UV+Alkaline+TDS controller with Auto Flush.

Wadrop K RO +UV+Alkaline+TDS controller with Auto Flush.

9 Stage Alkaline RO water purifier with UV and TDS controler 1. Sediment Filter 2 Sediment Inline filter 3 Pre Carbon Inline Filter 4. Membrane 5. Activated Carbon Filter 6. Post Carbon inline Filter 7. Ultra violate system 8. Alkaline Antioxidant filter 9. Mineral filter
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Alkaline RO  Water purifier,Panasonic,Panasonic TK AS 70 (Alkaline RO) Water Purifier

Panasonic TK AS 70 (Alkaline RO) Water Purifier

TK-AS70 Alkaline + Advanced Eco RO + UV Water Purifier • 7 stage Alkaline Purification System • Alkaline Ionizer • Absolute Purity • Advanced ECO RO Cartridge • Utility Indicator • Storage Capacity – 6Ltr
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10 stage purifier,Watech,Watech Wacure Super+ 7 Stage RO

Watech Wacure Super+ 7 Stage RO

10 Stage RO with 12 Ltr storage Stage1: Pre Filter Stage2:Antisclant Stage3:-Sediment Filter Stage4:Precarbon Filter Stage5:-RO Membrane Stage6:-UV Stage7:-Antioxident Filter Stage8: Alkaline Stage9,Stage10,Stage11,Stage12:Mineral Filter Ca,Mg,Na,K
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