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7 stage Purifier

7 stage Purifier,Aquasuper+,Aquasuper+ RO+UV+UF

Aquasuper+ RO+UV+UF

1) Pre Fitler-10 Micron filter for Dust,Mud and sand 2) Anti-scalant: Stops Scaling formation over membrane. 3) Sediment Filter:- Up to 5 micron filters 4) Pre carbon Filter:- Removes bad smell,Bad odor,smell,chlorine. 5) RO Membrane:-TFC or Filmtech membrane.0.0001 Micron removes 99.9% Minerals,100% Virus and Bacteria. 6) UV:- To deactivate Virus and Bacteria. 7) Post Silver Carbon:
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7 stage Purifier,Aquafresh,Aquagrand Plus RO water purifier RO+UV+TDS

Aquagrand Plus RO water purifier RO+UV+TDS

8 litres of storage capacity *Purification Capacity : Upto 8 to 12 LPH, Booster Pump 100 psi, 24V DC * Wall Mounted *No Dry Running of Pump *Automatic water level sensor for ON/OFF *Reverse Osmosis technology *Fully Automatic *Output capacity: 8-12 LPH * raw water should be free from iron, heavy metals, oil, grease & free chlorine. ** in case of higher pressure, use of pressure reducing valve is recommended. *Flow rate varies with feed water pressure, TDS, *Total dissolved solids in feed wate
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7 stage Purifier,Aquafresh,Aquafresh Pearl

Aquafresh Pearl

Aquafresh Pearl RO+UV+UF+TDS+Antiscalant Fully Automatic water purifier.
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7 stage Purifier,Leaupure RO,7 stage Water purifier

7 stage Water purifier

7 Stage RO+uv Water purifier Free external filter Inbuilt Mineral cartrage. 1 year Warranty.
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7 stage Purifier,Leaupure RO,Leaupure VIVO 7 Stage ROUVUF with TDS and Mineral cartrage

Leaupure VIVO 7 Stage ROUVUF with TDS and Mineral cartrage

L’eaupure VIVO 8 stage RO: 1 st Stage: Pre-filter for cleaning mud up to 5 micron. 2nd stage: Sediment Filter for Cleaning turbidity up to 5 micron. 3rd Stage: Pre-carbon for bad smell and bad odour removal. 4th Stage: RO Filter. 5th Stage: UV Treatment. 6th stage: UF with TDS Modulater 7th Stage: Mineral Cart rage
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7 stage Purifier,Watech,Wa Top A

Wa Top A

  7 Stage RO System
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L'eaupure 7 stage RO with UV

Leaupure 9 stage Purifier is Economical model with 7 stage purification RO+UV+Minerals with TDS modulater PURIFICATION PROCESS 1st stage**: Pre-Filter 10" Spun dust and other visible particle from water. 2nd stage**: Anti Scalant Balls 3rd stage**: Sediment Filtration: removes suspended particles, dust and other visible particle from water. 4th stage**: Activated Carbon: removes chlorine, chlorine smell and restore the natural colour of the water. 5th stage**: RO Membrane: removes hardn
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zero b pristine

Zero B Pristine 7 Stage RO

Hexapure Technology purification process ensures pure & safe drinking water TDS + Heavy Metal Remover Removes excess salts, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, harmful chemicals & heavy metals from water Automatic fully automatic operations Longer Life Works on low water pressure thus enhancing life of the membrane AFT enhances membrane life by automatically cleaning at regular intervals Double Safety To provide additional safety by offering 100% germicidal protection Energis
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zero b emerald

Zero B Emerald 7 Stage RO

7 stage RO water Purifier with 6 LTR storage Tank
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PURAFRESH PLUS(6 L) RO water purifier from Whirlpool

Innovatively engineered, here is a water purifier specially designed for your home. This water purifier by Whirlpool is designed with premium features and is the perfect addition to any household. Let your family drink the most pure and healthy water always. Powerful RO membrane, 7 stage purification, and dual water output are some of the highlights of this water purifier. Read more about the additional features below and waste no more time in making this wonderful product yours. Powerful RO me
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Livpure I water purifier

Luminous Livpure Touch

Technical Specifications Features
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7 stage Purifier,OWN Water Purifier,Own  RO water purifier

Own RO water purifier

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Liv puretouch plus

Luminous Livpure Touch Plus

8 Stage RO Technical Specifications Features
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7 stage Purifier,Zero B,Zero B Intello 7 Stage RO

Zero B Intello 7 Stage RO

7 Stage,Intiligent Sensar with 8 Ltr Storage tank
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