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5 stage Purifier

5 stage Purifier,KENT PARTS,Dolphin RO

Dolphin RO

Aquafresh Dolphin Advantages: 1. Enhances taste of drinking water. 2. Refreshing beverages, soups & sauces. 3. Great testing tea, coffee & cold drinks. 4. Sparkling crystal clear ice-cubes. 5. Cooking for delicacy. 6. Hygienic water for baby milk & food. 7. No need to purchase expensive mineral water. 8. Easy to maintain. Features & Specifications : 1. Wall-mount cum Counter-top water purifier. 2. Reverse Osmosis Technology. 3. Anti-bacteria 3-in-1 Silver Doser, Taste Cond
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5 stage Purifier,Aqasure,AQUASURE NANO RO water purifier

AQUASURE NANO RO water purifier

The AquaSure Nano RO understands the care and concern you have for your family. It comes with an efficient and intensive 5-Stage RO Purification process which removes unwanted salts and impurities, defends you against a host of diseases and makes your water sweet, safe and pure. 5 Stage RO Purification The multi stage enhanced purification system gives water a natural and sweet taste. Compact & Sleek Design The stylish design complements your kitchen perfectly. Large Storage Capacity
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5 stage Purifier,L'eaupure,Oxen Sleek RO Water purifeir

Oxen Sleek RO Water purifeir

Imported Body with high quality Food grade ABS Plastic. 5 Stage RO water purifier.. Autoflush. Will not work if there is no Water supply. Fully Automatic. 4 Ltr Storage tank Wall Mount. TDS Reduction 90 to 95%. Dimension:20*44*34 CM(D*H*W) Most suitable RO for Modular kitchen.
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5 stage Purifier,Aquaguard,Aquaguard Reviva

Aquaguard Reviva

Unique Membrane Cleaning System It ensures superior and effective membrane performance to give you purer water. Silver Surety Technology Silver impregnation enhances the purification capacity and inhibits growth of water-borne disease-causing bacteria, viruses and protozoa. Enhanced Booster Pump This pump drives water through the membrane with high pressure to ensure constant flow of water. Large Storage Capacity An ample storage capacity of 8 litres makes sure you never run short
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5 stage Purifier,Whirlpool,Whirlphool RO water purifier-Purafresh

Whirlphool RO water purifier-Purafresh

Powerful RO membrane The most trustworthy health-shield RO membrane works till 2500 ppm of TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) level. Advanced 5 Stage Purification S.A.F.E Filtration WQA gold seal Dual Water Output Sleek wall-mounted form
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5 stage Purifier,Eureka Forbes,AQUASURE NECTAR RO


The Nectar RO is designed to make you and your family live healthier every day. Its multi-stage RO water purifier comes with an interactive digital display to indicate cartridge life. Thus the cartridge can be replaced in time and your family can enjoy safe drinking water continuously. Cartridge Life indicator An interactive digital display indicates cartridge life to ensure continuous safe water for your family. 4 Stage Advanced System An advanced purification system that destroys disea
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5 stage Purifier, Aquasure,Aquasure Spring fresh 5 stage RO

Aquasure Spring fresh 5 stage RO

TDS Support 500 -2000(mg/l) and TDS reduction 90%. 5 Stage RO Purification A unique, advanced purification process removes unwanted salts and impurities and allows only sweet, pure drinking water for your family. Elegant Design A stylish look that blends perfectly with your modern urban kitchen. Large Storage Capacity A storage capacity of 8 litres makes sure you are never short of safe drinking water. Micro Switch Float It avoids overflow and maximises storage capacity.
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5 stage Purifier,Kent,Kent Pride RO+UF+TDS Control

Kent Pride RO+UF+TDS Control

KENT Pride - Mineral RO Technology Purifier Preferred Installation - Wall Mounting Secondary purification by UF after RO ensures enhanced water quality throughout service cycles Patented TDS Control System retains essential natural minerals in purified water Spin-welded RO Membrane Housing to prevent tampering Fully automatic operation with auto-start and auto-off Built-in SMPS to operate within 160-300V AC voltage Push-fit components for leak-proof performance ABS Construction fo
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