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12 stage Purifier

12 stage Purifier,Aquafresh,Aquafresh  Alkaline water purifier with PH adjuster

Aquafresh Alkaline water purifier with PH adjuster

Warranty is only for 2 days for extra warranty of one year Rs.3000 need to pay extra. Instalation charge Rs.500 extra. Tax extra. 12 stage RO water purifier. 1) Pre Fitler-10 Micron filter for Dust,Mud and sand 2) Anti-scalant: Stops Scaling formation over membrane. 3) Sediment Filter:- Up to 5 micron filters 4) Pre carbon Filter:- Removes bad smell,Bad odor,smell,chlorine. 5) RO Membrane:-TFC or Filmtech membrane.0.0001 Micron removes 99.9% Minerals,100% Virus and Bacteria. 6) UV:
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12 stage Purifier,Watech,WaDrop K

WaDrop K

WaDrop - K Special Features-Certification CE,NSIC,ISO,NSF*,Water Quality Association,OHSAS 18001-2007,NSIC CRISIL, There are more than 100 reasons to choose this product. But We have choose n only TOP 10 reasons to buy this water purifier. 1) First time in India Economical Alkaline Water purifier against leading brands. 2) RO+UV+Alkaline+Antioxident+Essential Minerals(NA, Ka, Ca,Mg) 3) Can be used for >50 TDS to
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12 stage Purifier,Leaupure RO,Aquamagic 12 stage purifier

Aquamagic 12 stage purifier

L'eaupure Aquamagic Water purifier with 12 stage Purification. Purification Stages Method Benifit 1st Stage Prefilter Cleans Turbidity,mud up to 5 Micron 2nd Stage Sediment Filter Cleans Turbidity,mud up to 5 Micron 3rd Stage Pre Carbon Filter Bad Taste,Odur and smell remover 4th Stage RO Membrane Cleans up to 0.0001 Micron TDS reduction up to 95% 5th Stage UV Treament Deactivate Virus and Bacteria 6th Stage Post Silver Carbon Taste Enhancer and stops Fungul growth 7th Stage Alkaline T
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12 stage Purifier,Aquafresh,Aquafresh RO+UV+UF+Alkaline

Aquafresh RO+UV+UF+Alkaline

ISO 9001-2008 Certified Aquafresh 10 stage RO water purifier. Works up to 2000 TDS No Warranty and Guarantee given, Installation charges extra and warranty Rs.3000 extra. Food grade ABS plastic Body. Auto flush Added Minerals without TDS controller. 100GPD Motor To get 15 LPH water. 24VDC Motor for long life. Storage Tank:- 8 Ltr Fully Automatic.
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12 stage Purifier,Leaupure RO,L'eaupure  alkaline water purifier

L'eaupure alkaline water purifier

Alkaline RO water purifier with 12 stages of Purification. Stage 1: Pre Filter with 5 micron candle to stop turbidity and mud up to 11 NTU. Stage 2: Anti scalant to stop scaling formation on the membrane will help increase the life of the Membrane. Stage 3: Magnetic softener which softens the hard water before entering Membrane to increase Life. Stage 4: Sediment Filter with easy push fit to stop physical impurities. Stage 5: Pre Carbon Filter which removes bad smell and Oder from the wa
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12 stage Purifier,Essel Nasaka,Minjet 12

Minjet 12

Special Features: Wall-mountable and aesthetically designed with opaque cover and water level indicator 12-stages of water purification - maximum in industry Suitable for any source of feed water (having TDS
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12 stage Purifier,Leaupure RO,50 LPH Leaupure ROUV with Biocera alkaline

50 LPH Leaupure ROUV with Biocera alkaline

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