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10 stage purifier

10 stage purifier,Leaupure RO,Crystal alkaline

Crystal alkaline

L'eaupure Crystal LED is Latest Food grade body Water purifier. RO+UV+Alkaline with 8 Ltr Storage tank.
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10 stage purifier,Leaupure RO,Leaupure Dolphin RO with alkaline

Leaupure Dolphin RO with alkaline

ndia's First Most Affordable Alkaline RO+UF+Alkaline with 10 Stage Purification. Why you need to buy RO with Alkaline? WHO recomends to drink RO water with Alkaline. W.H.O. PROOF THAT R.O. WATER IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH UNLESS IT IS REMINERALIZED. HERE IS A LINK TO THE ARTICLE: HTTP://WWW.WHO.INT/WATER_SANITATION_HEALTH/DWQ/NUTDEMINERALIZED.PDF Why you must drink Alkaline water after RO process? Prevents diseases Removes plague from teeth effectively Conditions your hair leavi
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10 stage purifier,Watech,Watech Wacure Super+ 7 Stage RO

Watech Wacure Super+ 7 Stage RO

10 Stage RO with 12 Ltr storage Stage1: Pre Filter Stage2:Antisclant Stage3:-Sediment Filter Stage4:Precarbon Filter Stage5:-RO Membrane Stage6:-UV Stage7:-Antioxident Filter Stage8: Alkaline Stage9,Stage10,Stage11,Stage12:Mineral Filter Ca,Mg,Na,K
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10 stage purifier,Leaupure Ro,Leaupure 10 stage GP

Leaupure 10 stage GP

10 stage water purifier 1) Prefilter 2) Antiscalant 3) Sediment 4) Precarbon 5) RO 6) Alkaline ceramic with ph booster 7) Antioxident cermics 8) - ORP ceramics 9) -Post Silver carbon 10) UF
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10 stage purifier,Leaupure RO,L'eaupure Alkaline RO

L'eaupure Alkaline RO

Purification Stages Method Benifit 1st Stage Prefilter Cleans Turbidity,mud up to 5 Micron 2nd Stage Sediment Filter Cleans Turbidity,mud up to 5 Micron 3rd Stage Pre Carbon Filter Bad Taste,Odur and smell remover 4th Stage RO Membrane Cleans up to 0.0001 Micron TDS reduction up to 95% 5th Stage UV Treament Deactivate Virus and Bacteria 6th Stage Post Silver Carbon Taste Enhancer and stops Fungul growth 7th Stage Alkaline Type1 Adds Essentioal Minerals to water 8th Stage Alkaline Type 2
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10 stage purifier,Essel Nasaka,Nasaka Natura RO+UV+TDS+minerals

Nasaka Natura RO+UV+TDS+minerals

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